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A little about me


It all started in Berlin in the late 90's when I was an au pair. I was about to move to Paris and my host family gave me a few sessions with a reflexologist as a leaving present. My head was full of to-do lists so time out and relaxation just weren't on the agenda. However, I did go and see the reflexologist and was amazed and intrigued that she could tell me so much about the state of my health via my feet, and so I somehow left her little clinic feeling much more relaxed about the imminent move - a suprising outcome...


A few months later in Paris I came across a book written by Mireille Meunier-Roux a Heilpraktikerin (German for female naturopath) who had used reflexology extensively in Berlin but was now based in Paris....and only a few metro stations away...


It was one of those "full circle" moments when I knew I had to further investigate this intriguing health option. I signed up for her workshop and a couple of her year long courses. And when I then moved to Grenoble I was lucky enough to train with Virginie Kergresse (trained by Betsy Shands, who herself was trained by Dwight Byers - nephew of the founder of modern reflexology, Eunice Ingham). So when I moved to Sydney it was only natural I would seek out further training; and the rest as they say is history.


Over the years I have been called upon to help friends, family and work colleagues with various common health complaints such as torticollis, painful wisdom teeth, constipation, stress and overthinking, weak bladder, insomnia, colic in babies, stiff shoulders, and post-op knees. It is my wish that you too will benefit from this deceptively simple healing technique.

I am absolutely passionate about the benefits of reflexology and therefore aim to keep abreast of current thinking within the field by attending post graduate courses and reading and watching anything I can about the subject! 


Reflexology is gaining ground as a serious, cost-effective option in our quest for health and is very popular in China, Denmark and the UK, where the percentage of people going for treatments is increasing year on year. Australia benefits from its close proximity to Asia where reflexology may have been sampled whilst overseas on holiday or business as a great way of relaxing, however real health benefits are now being researched and documented and it is this aspect that I am keen to promote when I meet clients.


Reflexologists will all have their own personal anecdotes of success stories but it is important to see that research is being carried out albeit on a small scale and shows that schools and associations around the world are committed to lending credibility to the discipline. This can only be a positive thing!


Finally, I wish to thank my reflexology mentors for their guidance over the years; Mireille Meunier-Roux, Virginie Kergresse , Martina Nussbaumer, Lucy Campbell and Sue Ehinger.


May you stride on in good health,


Lucy Stride


in Sydney:

2021: Standard Mental Health First Aider - with Simone Parrott of Mental Health First Aid Australia

2019-20: breast cancer was a generous teacher...

2018: Certificate in Reflexology for the Treatment of Pain - with Mauricio (Moshe) Kruchik

2017: Certificate in Auriculotherapy (using StimPlusPro) - with Dr. Nick Hodgson

2015: Certificate in Using Traditional Chinese Medicine with Reflexology - Australian School of Reflexology

2014: Certificate in Chinese Reflexology - (as above)

2013: Certificate in Auriculartherapy - (as above)

2012: Diploma of Reflexology - Nature Care College

Renewed annually: First Aid - CBD College & Reviva

in France: 

2004: Certificat de Réflexologie Traditionnelle & Evolutive - with Virginie Kergresse, Grenoble

1999 - 2000 & 2001:Diploma of Foot Reflexology & 5 Elements - with Mireille Meunier-Roux, Paris

1999: Certificate in Foot Reflexology & 5 Elements - with Mireille Meunier-Roux, St Antoine L'Abbaye 


Reflexology Association of Australia: Fully insured, certified Professional Member (no. 2545)

Volunteer work for the Reflexology Association of Australia:

2021-2022 (volunteer Education Officer for the NSW branch of RAoA)

Mind Body Spirit Festival:  

18 & 20 Oct. 2019 (volunteer for the NSW branch of RAoA)

26 - 29 Oct. 2017 (co-coordinator for the NSW branch of the RAoA)

23 - 27 Oct. 2016 (co-coordinator for the NSW branch of the RAoA)

23 Oct. 2015 (volunteer for the NSW branch of RAoA)

24 Oct. 2014 (volunteer for the NSW branch of RAoA)

Australian Jewish Fertility Network: 

9 Sept. 2014 (6th "Spa for the Soul"), Watson's Bay, - watch here  ... (I feature from 1:23 - 1:27) 


Podcast (my first!) You Beauty Mamamia podcast with Sharon "Shazzy" Hunt

15 February 2022,"How Touching Your Feet Can Help Relieve Stress" listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts

Instagram Alex & Jade from @TheBarefootShoeReview :

23 Feb. 2020, kindly asked me to be their first interviewee for their excellent website!

TV House of Wellness Season 2, Episode 7, "Happy Feet" segment: 

7 Oct. 2018, reflexology demonstration on host Bianca Chatfield (ex-Commonwealth Games netballer),

with my colleague Jill Freestone demonstrating on show host Ed Phillips 

- watch here .... we feature from 2:20 - 8:28)

Previous & Current Locations:

My first practice in Sydney was in a shared space in Drummoyne (2014-17), then briefly in another shared space on Macquarie Street in the CBD (2016/17), followed by my own space at The Spot in Randwick (2017). I now currently work out of a shared space on Belmore Road in Randwick on Saturdays (since 2018), as well as seeing clients in the Eastern Suburbs and occasionally Inner West suburbs of Sydney throughout the week and on Sundays.

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