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** NEW SPACE** (Sept 2023)


I'm super excited to announce I have found a wonderful new space in Sydney!

Find me every Friday at: 

4/162 Queen Street, Woollahra NSW 2025

(entrance is on Alton Street)

Book online through "Look & Book Online" tab, or ring, text or email.



***Very regrettably, under government insistence,  private health funds are no longer offering rebates for reflexology (and many, many other natural therapies such as yoga, pilates, and naturopathy) as of April 2019. The reflexology community and our clients are hoping that this short-sighted decision will be revoked soon.*** 



Eastern Suburbs and Inner West Suburbs

Please ring, text or email to book. 



May require up to 48 hrs notice to organise.

For details at "Look & Book Online" tab.

A note on testimonials:

clients either added their first or full name,

or initials or suburb, or a combination. 

I have left it up to my clients to divulge as much or

as little as they choose!


Denni Boulden, (Visitor, Home visit), 2020

"Recently, I had the greatest pleasure of receiving reflexology from Lucy.

After the first treatment there was a significant change in the look of my feet & a reduction in pain that I had felt for years from an old injury.


I also had more clarity in my thoughts & I felt more confident. I had some hard skin on the side of my big toe... it has fallen off. My feet are much smoother all over. 

Nothing short of a miracle in 3 treatments.

If I lived in Sydney I'd be receiving a treatment every week.

Thank you Lucy, you truly are a gifted angel capable of working miracles."

TESTIMONIAL (Celebrate Something - Pamper Party)

Danit - 2018 & 2015

"Lucy was amazing at my pamper party! She was able to give mini sessions to all my guests. Everyone was raving about her! She has a special touch and is so sweet to talk to. She brought all the equipment she needed and arrived on time. This is my 2nd time having Lucy at one of my parties and I will definitely be booking again!"


Betty S., England  (Visitor, Home visit) - 2018 & 2015

"I came to see Lucy due to a knee issue I had been suffering with for the last 4 months, causing me some pain and immobility as well as a slight limp. 

Almost as soon as Lucy starting working on my knee reflex, my actual knee starting twitching, but wasn't painful.

At the end of the session she also did some ear reflexology - the knee reflex on the ear was very painful. However, when I got off the massage table I felt like my old knee was back, like it actually belonged to me again! I was so happy I literally jumped for joy - something I had not been able to do for quite some time!"


Amanda Moore, Coogee (previous location at The Spot, Randwick) - 2018

"Slept like a baby! Had totally inappropriate laughing last night at around 10pm for about 35 minutes at my husbands expense and this morning had no toe or ankle pain...!"


Tracey Stevens, Coogee (previous location on Belmore Rd, Randwick) - 2018

"Lucy. I'm still in heaven!! Honestly, my spine, bladder and pelvic region feel so much better and also my tension right through my body especially my feet, which then improves my balance so that helps my hips and shoulders. My neck and head / as in stress kind of headache has gone too. Thank you so much."


Annabel, Randwick (previous location at The Spot, Randwick) - 2018

"I have been coming regularly to Lucy's practice in The Spot, Randwick, for a couple of months. Over several sessions, Lucy has helped relieve a tight shoulder and improve my general wellbeing. Thank you Lucy!"


Margaret-Anne Otton , Coogee (Home visit) - 2017

"Lucy, thank you so much for the treatment for the torn ligament in my foot. It definitely has made a huge difference. The bruising isn't as bad as I was told it would be and the pain definitely eased from Saturday night after seeing you. Lucy you are a miracle worker!" (Ear reflexology)


David Rosenbaum, Drummoyne (feedback from previous Drummoyne & CBD locations) - 2017

"I have been attending Lucyflex reflexology for a number of sessions and have experienced first hand the value of someone who is very good at her craft. The impact on my feet has been fantastic, not to mention my overall well-being. I would highly recommend Lucyflex as a very worthwhile experience."


NS, Drummoyne (feedback from previous Drummoyne location) - 2017

"I would highly recommend Lucy - she has a very gentle touch and the reflexology experience is totally relaxing. It is amazing how she can pinpoint what is going on in your body during the session. "


Karen Hutchinson, Sydney (feedback from previous Drummoyne location) - 2017

“I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2003 and have struggled to come to terms with not only the diagnosis but the significant impact this has had on my life and as it is a progressive disease, the increased physical symptoms, have become a daily challenge.

Given there is currently no cure for MS, I believe there is only so much western medicine can do, the rest is up to us to find the right alternative therapies that support the necessary medication until a cure is found and beyond.  I was fortunate to meet Lucy in 2017 who has a passion to help people such as myself and through her invaluable reflexology skills and caring nature, Lucy has made a difference in helping to ease my spasticity pain, lower back pain as well as helping my muscles and body relax, which has resulted in helping me better deal with the daily challenges and therefore enrich my life.”


Bob & Ann Ellis, Rosebery (76 years young) (Home visit) - 2016

"I have been receiving reflexology with Lucy almost weekly for a couple of months now. My wife Ann has also had a few sessions. The first two or three sessions, there were quite a few sore points on my feet, but these soon eased off and it became a very relaxing and pleasant experience. 

After a few weeks we decided to split the hour between foot and hand reflexology. I have really enjoyed this as my hands feel loose, free and pain-free, even if the weather is damp (which usually effects the arthritis in my hands). 

I have noticed that the pain returns fairly quickly if I don't have reflexology regularly. Lucy has accurately picked up on neck and shoulder issues, and these become a focus for our sessions. I would recommend Lucy for reflexology. We appreciate the ease of having reflexology at home ... in fact, in the garden!"


Pamela F., Sydney (feedback from previous Drummoyne location) - 2016 & 2014

"I was referred to Lucy in June as part of an intensive treatment programme for plantar fasciitis. My initial treatments enabled me to walk comfortably on an overseas trip.

Having now returned to Sydney, I am discovering the many benefits of regular reflexology sessions. From jet lag, to post flight fluid retention, sinus relief, and other problems Lucy seems to be able to address before they become serious.

Lucy is a great therapist. She has a calm, confident manner and immediately puts you at ease. Lucy is careful to ensure you understand the treatment, and what side effects you may notice after a session.

I have no hesitation in suggesting that reflexology may be just the therapy that might benefit you!"


Natalia Ruiz, Brighton-Le-Sands (Home visit) - 2017 & 2016

"I have been suffering from lupus since 1982. I have tried so many natural therapies and found that reflexology is the most helpful.

I met Lucy 5 weeks ago and I'm really happy with the treatments. I have found them really helpful and relaxing and I am more than happy with Lucy. She is so caring and she looks after me, and every second she tries to find ways to make me feel better and better.

I highly recommend Lucy.

Thank you so much!"

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