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Fertile grounds for reflexology

When I was a reflexology student, our teacher warned us early on that regular reflexology sessions could increase fertility… turns out she was right. Weekly practice sessions led to one of our fellow classmates becoming pregnant!

So how can reflexology help boost your fertility?

Consider this:

  • Reflexology is a supreme stress-buster. It is not unusual for clients to fall into a deep sleep whilst on the massage table only to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

  • Statistics point to the fact that ca. 60% of all disorders are caused by stress, therefore minimising stress should be a top priority whether or not you are trying to conceive. Everything is more difficult if the body is under acute or chronic stress!

  • It seems obvious, but there are fewer obstacles to conception if both future parents are in good health.

The feet have about 7000 nerve endings and because all parts of the body are accessed during a reflexology session, it triggers a series of chain reactions. Your all-important hormonal system (including sex hormones) can be balanced, your digestion improved – making nutrients more available, your circulation can be boosted – facilitating the release of toxins, ready to be excreted. Regular reflexology sessions can help ensure the fallopian and vas deferens tubes remain unblocked.

Some points to work on:

Solar plexus: when reflexed this bundle of nerves can almost instantly produce a feeling of calm

Reproductive areas: Boost the blood circulation and help improve the natural functions of the fallopian or vas deferens tubes, ovaries or testes, and the uterus or prostate.

Endocrine gland: mainly the pituitary gland, as it controls all other endocrine glands.

Kidneys: the source of life according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, but also help remove toxins from blood circulation.

Please note that these are just some of the points to concentrate on during the course of a reflexology session. All reflex zones are worked during a reflexology session but with optimal fertility being the aim of this blog post, special emphasis is placed on those particular zones. It is also worth noting that as well as working the reflex zones on the feet, reflexologists are also able to benefit from adding the same fertility-boosting reflex zones on the hands and ears. Triple the benefits!

Fertility can be optimised through regular reflexology for both future parents, as well as seeking appropriate medical and emotional support, in addition to adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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