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5 reflexology tips for your health and happiness

Every so often something so simple, so beautiful comes here are 5 reflexology tips for your health and happiness.

1. CROWNING GLORY -Your Hair – if you are frequently washing your hair, or out and about in the hot drying sun, or perhaps you are losing more hair than is usual for you, then be sure to try the following tip. Your hair is made of keratin, as are your nails. Both are on the extremities of your body, so from the point of view of reflexology, it makes sense that if you stimulate your nails it would also have an effect on your hair (and vice versa). Therefore, rub your fingernails together to encourage blood circulation to the hair follicles (and nail bed). 2-3 minutes or so, twice a day is plenty. In addition to this, there’s no harm in rubbing in some coconut oil into the root of your hair and leaving it overnight to replenish any oils lost. Wash as usual in the morning. For anyone suffering from hair loss, I would be interested to hear back from you.

2. BE WELL & GO WITH THE FLOW - Your Liver – is one of the most crucial organs in the body due to the many vital functions it performs, to name but a few, the production of bile (which helps emulsify fats), blood purification through the excretion of hormones, toxins and cholesterol, as well as the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. All pretty essential! You can help support your liver by reflexing it either on your right hand and foot. If you find yourself getting short-tempered easily you may like to know that in Traditional Chinese Medicine one sign of an unbalanced liver is anger and irritability – something to bear in mind when you start losing it!

3. STAY SUPPPLE - Your neck, shoulders and spine– stiff and desk bound? Or perhaps training hard? Whatever you’re up to, you can help ease associated muscle soreness or stiffness by keeping your neck, shoulders and entire spine supple and loose. Reach for your thumbs and reflex from the tip to the base, along the bony protrusion near your inside wrist or reach for the outer side of your big toes and reflex from the tip down to the heel. It really is that easy to keep on top of muscle soreness and stiffness.

4. AMAZE YOURSELF - Your eyes – do you experience dry, sensitive or tired eyes? It’s hard not to when we are more and more reliant on computers, smartphones etc for work and pleasure. Not to mention the glorious Aussie sunshine. Did you know you can easily work on the muscles surrounding your eyes as well as the eyes themselves? The reflex zones for the eyes are found at the base of your ring and little finger (palmar side). You can also find them at the base of your 4th and little toe on your feet. Too easy! Bonus Tip: If you do a lot of computer work, you may find it useful to download the free f.lux software ( which replaces the glare on your screen with a lovely warm orangey colour to simulate sunset. If you need to work late into the evening you simply change the settings to allow the screen to remain as bright as it would be in daylight.

5. NOW RELAX - Your solar plexus, diaphragm and lungs – ignore time off and relaxation at your peril! aaah where would we be without belly-breathing? Breathing deeply, fully from your lower belly to the very tops of your lungs, is a truly restorative and relaxing kind of breath. By working the reflex zones of your solar plexus (that bundle of nerves found just beneath your sternum), plus working the full width of your diaphragm and encouraging your lungs to extend to their fullest, out of the more common and stifling shallow breathing. Deep breathing (in and out) can have a very positive effect on reducing the levels of stress hormones and can have a positive effect on your parasympathetic nerves – those that encourage relaxation.

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